Part one of the power measurement is now complete.. I have the ESP connected and reporting blinks from the power meter in my basement. Now I only need to get some power data and put in my home automation dashboard.

Here you have my nice little enclosed “pulse meter”.

This little box contains a ESP8266-1 connected to a LM1117 voltage regulator (to ensure a limited power supply to 3.3V) The sensor I’m using is a Light-to-voltage sensor (TSL 250R). The sensor is sticked to the power meters LED that blinks with different speed depending on current consumption. My sketch counts number of blinks for 10 seconds and then sends the data to my webserver (same way as “Plant example” does). I have done some timing measurements and for every 10s I’m losing about 100 milliseconds that the ESP needs to run it’s own background programs and also to send the info to my webserver. So for every 60 000 millisecond I lose 100 ms and I can live with that.. the measurement will be good enough anyway.

I have done a project like this before (using a rf receiver/transmitter) so the majority of the code on the web server side is already written. This is an example of how it looks today with it’s current layout (a really crappy picture but I think you get the idea). I might keep this as some sort of detailed view.
The data is collected from my mySQL db and the graphs are created using