Now the data is collected from the database and presented in a nice interface.

I have decided to show current conspumption as a graph ( API used), I also show todays, this weeks, this months and this years consumption. Clicking on the little graph icon in the upper right corner takes you to the detailed view shown in previous post.

One idea I have is to add a “recording” feature. I’m thinking if I would like to meassure a specific appliance in my home I could compare the average consumption for lets say 10 minutes back with the “recorded time period” , the difference should give you an idea of that specific applience consumption. Not 100% but still a good indication I guess.

I’ll let you know..

Yeah right.. code. The user interface is html so I guess you can figure that out. I have attached my power class that does the calculations. (I’m not a programmer so my php syntaxing is probably not by the book, but it works. ) smiley

I’m keeping detailed data (readings for every 60 seconds) for 7 days, older data is deleted. Every day data is aggregated to a daily table that is stored until the end of time.